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How To Choose Between Shutters And Blinds

So you’ve decided you want an alternative to curtains for your window dressings, but can’t decide between shutters and blinds. It’s a big decision, because they are an investment that will form a central part of the look and feel of your home. Once they’re in place, you’re likely to live with them for some time. Here are some points to consider.

Shutters are the ultimate option for light control and privacy. Tier on Tier style shutters allow for a versatile approach, which means you will be fully screened from outside view, while still being able to let in a good amount of daylight, and to have a view out of the window.

Full-height shutters can be fitted with separate louvre control, allowing you to close the lower section for maximum privacy, while the upper section can let in enough daylight to avoid having extra light sources.

Bespoke shutters will be designed to fit any window perfectly; in fact, this is one of their great advantages, because they enhance, rather than disguise the shape of the window, and maximise the space in the room. This is particularly effective for classic bay widows, or unusually shaped apertures.

The perfect fit of shutters means there are far fewer gaps for heat to escape from the room, so you may notice that you use less heating and save on energy bills. They are also very durable, not to mention stylish and contemporary!

Blinds are a more affordable solution in most cases, so may be better for those on a tight budget. They also give you more flexibility when it comes to styling, patterns, weight, and so on that will match the rest of your interior décor, and have a more softening effect.

In the end, there are no right or wrong choices; you may even decide to have shutters for some windows, and blinds for others.

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