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Why Solid Panel Shutters Are Perfect For Summer

The spring may have been unusually wet, but with summer coming, there is no doubt that the days will be lighter, even if hot days and sunshine are not guaranteed.

What that means is householders in Brighton will be keen to get as much light in during the day as possible, but also keep out the light when it’s nearly bedtime and almost twilight.

Of course, it’s not all about midsummer. The right window coverings must also keep out external light, whether from street lights or neighbouring buildings, the latter being a particularly relevant consideration in parts of Brighton and Hove with large residential buildings in densely built-up areas.

The use of solid panel shutters in Brighton can be recommended for this very reason. Solid shutters are very effective at keeping light out at night and also for allowing it in by day. Because they consist of single panels, they don’t contain gaps, ensuring no nocturnal night can sneak in.

At the same time, they also avoid the situation with blinds of partly covering the window, thus allowing both the full measure of sunlight in during the day and permitting an unimpeded view out.

These shutters are also very stylish and their design is highly appropriate for Regency-style windows. Indeed, if you live in such a building it is quite likely many of your neighbours will have such shutters.

Brighton and Hove is perhaps the leading city in Britain for Regency architecture with characteristic floor-to-ceiling windows, but the world has changed since the 19th century. Privacy can be a little harder to come by and sometimes it can be a real relief to be able to shut the world out. That’s what solid shutters will always be able to do.

Our solid panel shutters come in different styles, but what ultimately stands out about them is their opaque nature when closed and how effective this is at keeping light out.

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