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Why Shutters Are Ideal For Regency Architecture

There are many elements of Brighton and Hove that are truly distinctive. That could include its socially liberal culture, its famous shingle beach and piers and the distinctive Pavilion.

But there can be no doubt the Regency architecture is a stand-out element of the city.

Of course, Brighton and Hove is not alone in having so much of its townscape dominated by grand sweeping terraces with their black iron railings and white stucco plaster; this can be seen in Cheltenham, Leamington Spa and the more fashionable parts of London. Indeed, the latter comparison provides one of the reasons Brighton is often known as ‘London on Sea’.

To live in one of these buildings is certainly to enjoy a fine architectural style. It also means to live in close proximity to a lot of other people in areas of high population density.

This is another element much of the city shares with London; while the overall density is kept down by the boundaries incorporating large areas of uninhabited down, it’s crowded down by the sea. Indeed, Brunswick and Adelaide is the only council ward outside the capital that houses more than 200 people per hectare.

That certainly means you will want to be able to enjoy some privacy; Full height window shutters in Brighton are definitely the way to go.

However, practicality is not the only consideration. While floor-to-ceiling windows are a common feature of Regency windows, another is bay windows. These provide different angles and dimensions that enhance the view, but also offer aesthetic elements and create new pockets of space indoors.

These are outstandingly stylish elements that attractive, classy shutters go perfectly well with. It is so important to look beyond mere utility in such a setting; this is the place for elegance, style and quality.

Regency buildings were designed to stand out as the grandest of homes. Their use may have changed down the years, but that is no reason to sacrifice aesthetics. That’s why stylish shutters are a must.

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